Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Kittens !

A week ago Monday I was laying down and Katie was all over me and the bed.  She finally settled down next to me.  After a few minutes she let out the cutest of kitty farts and started licking down there.  Soon there was an extra squeak in the room.  I slid off the bed and texted my roommate and his boyfriend.  I took photos with 2 cameras and a cell phone and sent out updates as the newborn count went up.

The smaller, low resolution pictures are from my cell phone.  They were easy to send out right away to Jeff and Steve.  The others may be a bit blurry due to low light and I avoided bothering her with a lot of flash. The slideshow can be viewed full screen by clicking on it and finding the full screen button in the upper left.

A total of 5 new little ones came out Monday morning.  She surprised us all by popping out another one over 24 hours later, sending Jeff into a panic.

Katie came into the house as a stray on the day of the Royal Wedding.  Jeff took her to be fixed but found out she was already pregnant. 

My coverlet and sheets actually cleaned up really well.  We saturated them with Shout, soaked them in cold water and then washed them in hot.  The slight shadow left behind can't be seen unless it's pointed out.  Anyone who looks for that and makes critical comments can just leave.

If you play the videos with your volume turned up pretty high you can hear their little voices.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Katie, Warrior Princess

Katie will usually dash out the door whenever it's open to stalk among the plants and let free her inner tiger.  She never goes far and is usually ready to come back inside pretty quickly.  We just check on her after a while.  If she's not ready to come in then, we check on her a while later and shake her bag of kitty treats and she'll come running. 

This morning she dashed out the door to guard the house from her favorite place hidden among the big leaves of the plants by the front porch.  When I checked on her she didn't come running and I couldn't see her at all.  I went back inside and was about to shut the door behind me when this white and calico blur of fur lept through the door and slid to a stop on the living room's wood floor.

The umpire yelled, “SAFE!”  The judges gave her all 10s.  The crowd roared.  Miss Kate, of course, demurely licked her paw and pretended not to notice any of it.

But she knew, make no mistake about that.  She knew she deserved no less.

h o r r i b l i z e r

“Don't be such a horriblizer,” Calliope used to say whenever Mary Ann began to fret about the world.
  - Arumistead Maupin, Mary Ann in Autumn